Friday, December 23, 2011

Moore Babies {as decorated for Christmas}

** there are a lot of pictures; be forewarned **

Remember when I was starting to get my boxes down when I had about 12 bins plus random non-boxed items stacked up in my garage? WELL, I promised I share my Christmas Decorating.... so here goes nothing :)

Welcome to the MooreBabies house all lit up at night!
My lovely front door wreath that mom and I made 2 years ago.

Front entryway
(L) My Christmas card holder and Charlotte's hand print tree
(R) Advent calendar that mom made 20+ years ago... my FAVORITE thing to do when I was little!

Front hall "mantle"

(top L) Mistletoe of course
(bottom L) Kitchen table
(R) Decor above the kitchen table ... so cute!

Where the majority of my decorations live

(L) Various figurines and snowglobs
(TR) Hand painted plate, handpainted angels, hand painted pitcher, hand painted nativity (none painted by me)
(BR) Various Christmas nicknacks

THE VILLAGE (Dickens' Village)!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my village. One day I want a special table  set up, but with the horse of a dog and 2 little rugrats running around, behind closed doors is the best place to put it...
... because they sure love looking at it!!

A german smoker, several Annalee dolls, plus stuffed animals the girls can actually play with

(L) Santa, more Christmas nicknacks
(TR) Little People Nativity (when Charlotte first saw this she said "Baby Jesus is SOOO cute")
(BR) Christmas tree mom made me... LOVE IT!

The fireplace mantle

The REAL tree :)

This was the other night while watching a movie; LOVE!
 And LASTLY... lest the girls feel left out. Their very own Sesame Street (turned handmade ornament) tree!

There you have it...
Moore Babies as decorated for Christmas!!
Merry Christmas everyone.

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