Friday, December 16, 2011

My *Annalee* Christmas

Have you guys heard of or seen Annalee dolls? I think they are just precious and have a few Annalee Christmas decorations to prove it!

It all started with this large Annalee Santa, reindeer, and sleigh that used to live in my front hallway in the month of December while I was growing up.
 How cute is that? What a great way to welcome friends and family into our home during the holidays! Look at the detail on the sleigh (yeah, mom is crafty!) and the presents and it even lights up! 
I have since inherited this lovely bit of Christmas decor and it resides next to my fireplace all December.

Pretty, huh?
 My Annalee collection does not end there, though, scattered around my house you will find a few other little Annalee dolls.

And OF COURSE, we have a few Annalee ornaments!

If you would like to add a little Annalee to your Christmas, check out the large selection at >; but hurry... to order in time for Christmas you must get your order in by THIS Sunday, December 16.

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  1. I know exactly what Annalee is! Used to sell it when I worked at Dillard's and Rathbone's. Love the sliegh trio!


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