Friday, November 18, 2011

I've DEFINITELY gotten my exercise today...

... by going up and down the attic ladder dozens (yes plural) of times bring my Christmas boxes down.

6 bins, 2 large nut crackers, 1 sesame street tree.
PS - How cute is that white tree on top of the right stack?
My mom made Charlotte a sesame street tree for her room last year!
(Click to enlarge)

4 bins, 2 small outdoor light-up snowmen, 1 large outdoor light-up snowmen and 1 bag of large Annalee Santa & Mrs. Claus

3 boxes of outdoor plastic luminaries, snowman cookie jar, large Santa plate, funky tree, bag of misc greenery. Oh and my advent calendar leaning on the other side covered in a white garbage bag.

Impressive? (well, I think so)

And that's not even all! There are at least 4 boxes up there that hubby placed in REALLY awkward places and are WAY too heavy for poor little me to lift. Plus a large Christmas goose cutout and large wooden sleigh for my large Annalee Santa & Mrs. Claus.

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday and I LOVE to decorate for it.

Nothing goes up outside until Black Friday, but as long as I don't have Thanksgiving events at my house... I start a week before Thanksgiving on the inside.

This year, I have a thanksgiving play date on Monday and we are leaving for a Georgia Thanksgiving (my parents) on Wednesday bright and early. So Tuesday will be a packing, trip prep, and start to Christmas decorate day!! Woo hoo!

My radio/CD/mp3 is tuned to Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day.
 Actually... we'll be listening a little bit longer this year because our Annual Holiday Cocktail party is going to be in January due to date conflicts throughout December.

Stay tuned for ALL my Christmas and decorating fun!


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