Thursday, December 15, 2011

{MAJOR} Craft/gift FAIL

We are doing a pretty small Christmas this year because we (myself, brothers, and parents) will not be together. So we decided instead of doing the whole "I get you a sweater, you get me a sweater" we would just give to the kids. But I still wanted to give something to my brothers; I LOVE Christmas, and I especially LOVE giving gifts! It just makes me so happy.

That said, I had some high and mighty goals to make some coaster gifts for all the family members after I pinned these Travertine Photo Coasters from Cheap Crafty Mama.
Looked simple enough.

At the store, I found the Travertine tiles, but they were like REALLY holey, so much so that it would have taken away from the photo. So I found smoother tiles instead.

I went and bought the rest of my supplies (no, I did not have mod-podge because I have never used mod-podge before {insert collective gasp here}) and I got started.

It took a few attempts to print out my pictures but I eventually got it and cut them out.

NOTE: I did not take pictures of my progress because I thought it was going to be a quick and simple project.

I did every step, or so I thought, but long story short... here's what I ended up with...
Supposedly coasters...
I BELIEVE my problem was a combination of a few things:
1. I may not have used enough mod-podge on the tile before putting down the tissue paper
2. I may not have let the mod-podge dry in between the 3 layers of mod-podge
3. The mod-podge may not have been completely dry before I sprayed on the min-wax
4. Leaving the tiles outside over night (that was where I was spraying them with min-wax) may not have been the best idea...

The silver lining is that I can use these tiles again for attempt #2...
Yes... this is the tissue paper & min-wax peeling off this morning.... awesome...
See... good as new
So much for my fantastic Christmas gift (luckily I had a few other things up my sleeve).

Stay tuned for attempt #2....

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  1. Boo! Sorry it didn't work out so well. :/ Can't wait to see what you do differently.


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