Thursday, September 29, 2011

So Excited::. The Mandie Books

Ok, the other day I was in the local Christian Book store buying a gift for Jillie's baptism which was this past weekend (yes she had a HUGE weekend); she got an adorable "My Pink Prayer Purse" and a "footsteps" plaque thing from us.
Yummy prayer purse...

But that's not the point... anyway as I was checking out (and trying to keep Jillie out of.. well.. EVERYTHING) I looked down and saw a DVD titled Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure and I got SUPER excited! Well, it took a little while for my brain to get to that point.
First I was like 'Mandie.. hmm... I read Christian books with a Mandie character'.
Then it went to, 'Well, I am in a Christian book store, let me look more closely'.
I reread the title and thought, ''Cherokee... yeah this Mandie had friends who were Cherokee.'
Then finally the light came on, "Oh my gosh!! They made movies?!!?'
Has anyone else read any of The Mandie Books? They were like 'the Nancy Drew books for christians'; I'm quoting the checkout lady at the book store there, but that's pretty much what they were... and I LOVED THEM! My Aunt (married to a preacher) would get me one or two of these for every holiday and birthday.
Yeah, I was excited. I'm totally going to see if the library has these and watch them when hubby has drill or something (Not gonna lie, he PROBABLY won't want to watch it no matter how good it is).

Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement... woo hoo!


  1. I grew up on Mandie!:) I used to get a packet of 5 every Christmas if they were out.:) I had no idea they made movies of them. I'm kind of excited too. Lol, I agree though, good luck getting my hubby to watch.:)

  2. Oh what a joy for her! Even if I had a girl.. I doubt my hubby would watch either! Ha!

  3. I think I read every single one of those!!!!

  4. We saw that movie on netflix. I hadn't read any of them as a kid but I am collecting them for my 7 year old daughter to read!
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  5. Hi! Following you from a blog hop!:0)
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