Thursday, September 22, 2011

One year ago today....

So ONE YEAR AGO TODAY... I woke up EARLY and I'll spare you the details, but I wasn't entirely sure if my water had broken or not. So I kept going back and forth between the bed and the bathroom. I got up and showered around 6.

Charlotte had school this morning so in between some cramping, I got ready, packed her back, and had breakfast. I woke her and hubby up at 8 and got everyone ready to go. This is when I turned to hubby and told him that "I need to call the doctor, today might be the day". He looked somewhat like a deer caught in headlights and I added "after we get Charlotte off to school". Then comes the rushing around; get the over night bag, get Charlotte, call your mom... she's going to have to get her at noon. I ask hubby where his bag is; and he said "we are going NOW?" (um... I told you yes and I'm sitting in the car on a towel, what do you think?) "can't I come home and shower first?". (eye roll from this girl!).

We drop Charlotte off (with me holding onto hubby's arm for support during the contractions) and we head towards the hospital/doctors office; they are directly across the street... handy huh? So I get through to the doctor and explain the situation and she says, 'well... you can come in if you aren't sure and we'll check you out'. This was around 9:30am.

We wait 5 minutes and they put us in a side room (we were just at the doctors the day before and they figured that yes, I was in labor). As we were waiting, I got nervous because the contractions weren't as strong but when doc came in, he took one look... er.... under me... and said ,"um yeah, your water broke".

So I ask "do we need to go to the hospital right now?" and he says "well, not if you don't want to have the baby there" (thanks Jerk.... I was just asking because in all the rush we had left the cameras AT HOME!). He also said that he'd "come over and deliver me at lunch" (he was full of those fun one-liners). We go across the street and check in, "Hi, 'I'm, here to have a baby". This was around... 10:15am I think.

AND because I need to document... a camera phone picture (at 11:18am)...

A few hours, 1 IV, and NO pain killers later (doc {a} said I could do it on my own and {b} isn't a fan of pain killers) the doc stops by on his lunch break and checks me out. He decides he has time to run downstairs for a quick lunch, but he'll be close enough if something happens. Cool. This is around 12.

Contractions start getting worse and in walks Charlotte (I actually heard her down the hall "MOMMMY") and mother-in-law WITH THE CAMERAS!! They didn't stay long because the contractions were ROUGH and frankly Charlotte was scared to see mommy in a bed with wires, so my mother-in-law hustled her out quickly. This is around 12:30pm

At this point I ask the nurse to bed my doc for an epidural, he reluctantly agrees.

Enter the anesthesiologist: "Stay still" - easier said than done ... "what's wrong are you ok?" - fine other than the fact that you are sticking a HUGE-A$$ needle in my back as I'm having a contraction, no sweat.

The rest went pretty quickly...

They lose the heart rate as they are laying me down from getting the epidural, so they roll me to my side, which did NOT let the epidural work anywhere but my left leg. ugh. (turns out the wires fell off baby's head down there).

After hoping the epidural would kick in I suddenly feel.... Woah boy, I need to push!

Doc walks in and asks if I feel different contractions; which I didn't and he grumbles that it was because of the stupid epidural (jerk).

However I DEFINITELY felt the next one and 2 contractions later, Jillian Ann was born! This was 1:24pm.

Thanks to the epidural kicking in AFTER the baby, I was stuck in that room for another hour or so until I could walk; but I got to snuggle with my newborn.


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