Friday, September 16, 2011

Latest paint-penned birthday gift (for cheap!)

I want to thank Bargains for WAHMs for sharing that we could get several Hasbro Games for REALLY cheap at Walmart using this past weeks Sunday coupons. This came at a SUPER opportune time because we have another birthday party to go to this weekend.

Target Garbage Can (personalized) - $2
Chalk - $1
Old Maid - $0.97
Crazy 8s - $0.97
Crayons - $0.40
Travel Connect 4 - $5.97 - 4 coupon = $1.97
Mini Fishing Game - $2.24
Toy Story Memory - $7 - 3 coupon = $4
Half a pack of rocket balls - $1.25

Woo hoo!!

I really like adding something personalized to each gift that I give be it embroidery (when I have time) or some as simple as paint penning a cup, bucket, garbage can, etc. It shows that you worked hard and thought about the gift.


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