Sunday, July 10, 2011

AAnnnd I'm back!

Wow... I put my blog on auto-pilot for about 2 weeks and I break the 200 follower mark! Sweet. Maybe I should go away more often!

Phew... It has been a hectic few weeks between the Atlantic City bachelorette party, baby shower and birthday (and the embroidered gifts that go with them), driving 8 hours up to Georgia with hubby and 2 kids for the 4th of July (and the embroidering that went along with that trip too),  AND finally, leaving 1 day after getting home from Georgia to be in one of my best friends wedding up in Jersey (without the kids and hubby, meaning I had to prepare detailed instructions, meals, and grocery shop for everyone).  Well, I. am. home!

Not to worry, I will (attempt to be) back on my regularly posting blog routine shortly!

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