Friday, June 10, 2011

Tutu Girly Gift

Charlotte had a birthday party to go to the other day (which snuck up on me like usual... I swear I have a calendar and a planner, but those only help if you remember to write down the event). So anyway, one of Charlotte's little friends is turning 2 and her mom said she didn't really need anything but she liked girly stuff. The party was like a day away so I had the choice to spend money on something she didn't need... or make her something cute for cheaper (that she also didn't need, haha). Since I wasn't up for heading to the store to spend money, I decide to make her a tutu AND matching wand. LUCKILY, I had stocked up one some rolls of tulle a few weeks earlier so I set to work!

I made the tutu {my tututorial here} and then set out to make the wand using Sweet n Sassy Girls tutorial. The wand could not have been easier to make! All I needed was tulle (which I had left over from the tutu), a dowel, ribbon, and a hot glue gun. 

Tutu & Wand (although it looks more like a blob of tulle)

The birthday girl LOVED the wand; such a hit for a simple little gift!

Side note: I now realize that next time I take a picture of a tutu... it needs to be on a darker surface, not my white kitchen counters

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