Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan ::. Last week of school!

It is the last week of school! Woo hoo! AND the last week of our weekly activities; soccer came to an end this past Saturday and gymnastics is stopping this Tuesday (for a summer/travel hiatus) - bring on the lazy summer days.

SUNDAY was ...
Takeout chinese food after a day on the boat

Taco Night
Ground beef in the freezer, an abundance of tomatoes from the garden, shredded cheese leftover from my mother in laws BBQ, avocados in a bag ripening, and lettuce in the fridge... we are good to go!

Caprese Chicken Dinner
Did I mention an abundance of tomatoes?!

Last day of school = waterslide potluck dinner at a friends house!
Maybe I'll bring this: Caprese Garlic Bread
or maybe this... Loaded Baked Potato salad

Homemade pizza night
Spicy Chicken and Pepper jack pizza
Chicken from the freezer, bell peppers from the garden!

Planned boat day -- so crockpot something or other, or mother-in-law is prepping something

Gnocchi Skillet with Sausage and Cherry Tomatoes

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