Saturday, December 8, 2012

Waiting on baby... and crossing off some Christmas to-dos

Here we are... on the last day of my due date range (Dec 6-8)... and NO baby! It's so funny how babies come on their own terms. My 1st was 1 days early and my 2nd was 4 days early. C'mon rugrat, lets go... I've got Christmas to recover for!

Although, my original due date was the 12th... so I think my doc just goofed in updating my due date.

WHILE we've been waiting, we've been running around running errands and knocking some items off of our Christmas To-Do list. We have:

Mailed Christmas letters to Santa at Macy's

Gotten all festive and taken pictures with Santa (and around the yard)

And Decorated some cookies (I have to admit, I am such a perfectionist when it comes to my Christmas cookies I have a hard time letting the girls help... this way they can get as creative [Read: messy] as they want!)

One of these days #3 will make her appearance!


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