Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elizabeth is HERE!!

After seeing my {revised} due date of December 6-8th come and go I was scheduled to be induced on 12/12/12... how fun is that?! Fortunately... or unfortunately (my mom was really looking forward to 12/12/12/) I started regular contractions on the 11th, so when we got to the hospital at 6pm that night to prep for the following days induction, I was already "halfway there" and having regular contractions.

So instead of hanging around all night, my doc came in and decided to break my water to get the ball rolling.

A couple hours, one Christmas movie (Last Holiday), and one too-late left-side-of-body epidural later, our Lizzie decided to join this world at 10:29 pm on 12/11/12.

The next day was full of the typical boring hospital stuff...

... but the girls got to come and meet their new baby sister! They were thrilled!

After staying in the hospital for a total of 24 hours, we left on 12/12/12 at 6:30pm to head home as a family of 5.

I'm hoping these girls become the best of friends!! So far so good.

It's hard to believe I have a (few hours shy of a) 1 week old!

And here is the last belly shot of this pregnancy :)


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  1. Congrats girl!! I was just thinking about you and wondered if you had your baby! She's beautiful like her momma! You look awesome!


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