Monday, November 5, 2012

Socks for Sandy

I may no longer live in New Jersey, but after spending the first 18 years of my life there... I will always be a Jersey girl at heart! That is one of the reasons that the destruction of Sandy has hit so close to home.

Belmar Beach, where we would go to for day trips, was flooded and many homes and businesses destroyed. LBI, where close family friends had a beach house where we would visit every summer, had houses ripped from their foundations. And who can forget Seaside, where just about everyone from my high school would spend their Prom Weekend (oh the memories); now destroyed! Further in from the shore, I had many friends affected by Sandy in Hoboken and other inland towns.

For those reasons, I wanted to write up a quick post on Socks for Sandy, which was started by Laura, a blogger located in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. (Read her story here.) She volunteered at a local shelter set up in a middle school and saw the need for socks with her own eyes. The temperature dropped (and is still dropping) after Sandy subsided, and people are left walking barefoot in pop up shelters. Putting socks on cold feet signifies warmth and comfort.

Let's all get together and give a little warmth to those affected by Sandy!
Socks for Sandy
P.O. Box 520
Little Egg Harbor, NJ  08087

Please mail by Friday, November 9, since the need is urgent. 

Laura will receive all packages and immediately take these to the local hurricane shelter for distribution. Any excess will be given to the other hurricane shelters up and down New Jersey's coastline. 

Another option... 
Donating directly to the Red Cross is still the fastest way to get your money into the hands of those who need it the most.

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