Saturday, November 10, 2012

35 weeks down, 5 (or less) to go!

I am 35, nearly 36 weeks into pregnancy #3! Not gonna lie, it's been flying by.
35 weeks
 I'm hanging in there; keeping super busy running around after the 3.5 and 2 year olds and still managing to "work out" (ie, my daughter is at the YMCA for ballet, so I drop the other off at the kidzone and I walk the treadmill at 11% incline going 3MPH - not much but I'm good). We also take the dog (and kids) out for a nightly walk too. My doc has been pretty impressed with my weight gain and I am still wearing my rings... although at times they get a touch snug. Speaking of my doctor, our visits are a joke. They go like this:
Doc - how are you doing?
Me - good, hanging in there
Doc - so #3, you are in great shape. [feeling ankles] No swelling, [measuring belly] yup looks good... and no stretch marks..
Me - You've got to quit saying that, you are going to jinx me...
Doc - Your stomach has already stretched this far twice without stretch marks, I think you are good.... so any questions?
Me - Nope
Doc - See you next week.

15 minutes in and out!

On another note, I started packing my hospital bag last night... but didn't get very far. So far I have my nursing tanks and some fleecy socks that I used last delivery hospital stay. I did manage to wrap and set aside baby's gifts for the girls, so we are good there! Not much but it's a start; at least I have my list now.

I was 10 days early with Charlotte and 4 days early with Jillie.... lets see how this one goes!


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  1. You look great, Stevie! We are getting SO SO close! :-)
    Good luck with your delivery!
    Bec :-)


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