Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick funny story (and fun news for me!)

So the other day I make the girls some tuna fish on crackers for lunch, but they didn't finish it all. So I put the leftovers in a small Tupperware. Charlotte picks it up off the counter and says "this go in frigerator?". I answer "yes" as I am cleaning up the dishes, high chair (see post on NeatNik Saucer for reasoning), the floor, etc. To be honest, I pretty much forgot about it.... until a few hours later.

A neighborhood girl, Haley, stopped by to bring the girls some clothes that she had outgrown so I invited her and her brother in to hang out for a few minutes as I am attempting to clean up the play area (yes, I know they are kids and all... but I was still embarrassed at the state of the play area).

I'm in the kitchen (we have a great room plan) with her brother and Haley and Charlotte are playing in the play room and I hear "... um... is this real food?". Kind of confused, I walk over to investigate and the second I see the container it dawns on me that I hadn't put the tuna fish from lunch away.

Turns out Charlotte had put the tuna fish container in HER play refrigerator... NOT the real refrigerator (with cooling powers). Boy am I ever glad that Haley came over!!!

Close Charlotte.... valiant effort :)

NOW my exciting news!!
Right before my vacation I received my package from SeamsMod's Etsy shop (I had won a giveaway from The Balancing Act in Stilettos and Scrubs). I chose a Diaper Clutch AND a mini clutch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! She is one talented lady! The Diaper Clutch is perfect for either putting in a larger bag, keeping in the car for emergencies, or bringing into the gym child care for a quick diaper change! How awesome is this:

Also, I found out TODAY that I won a giveaway for Loveable Labels from The Mommyhood Chronicles. What an awesome day!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone.


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  1. Congrats on winning the great giveaways!!

    That's too funny about your little girl putting tuna in her play fridge! :)


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