Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NeatNik Saucer::. Product Review & Special Offer

I have a messy child.

No really... I have an extraordinarily messy child... see?

So much so that at least every other week I have to take apart my high chair and bring it out back to scrub it with cleaner hose it off (super fun... let me tell you).

Have you guys heard of the NeatNik Saucer? I have been privileged to test one out and so far, the NeatNik Saucer has passed with flying colors.

On their website, NeatNik Saucer boasts that it fits most restaurant-style high chairs, but I have found that it will work just as well in my high chair at home (naturally I had to try it out the SECOND we got it!!); my first two trial runs of the saucer were in my Chicco high chair.

Jillie was happy as a clam in the saucer!! And my favorite part is the suction cups underneath to stick it to the tray (or table at a restaurant).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bib (did I mention I love it?!)! It has 2 snaps on the back (no annoying Velcro that baby can undo herself) and it can either fold up and Velcro together to form a pocket (to catch the food) or be left unfolded for a larger bib. It can EVEN be attached to the saucer for more protection.

Lastly, those nifty white Velcro pieces on either side are to attach toys to. Genius!

It even contains TACO NIGHT!!

The only one who isn't a fan of the NeatNik Saucer is Duke... our resident floor and high chair cleaner... poor boy.

I used this in public for the FIRST time last Sunday for Jillie's baptism lunch and boy was it a hit. The manager came over and was asking us about our "neat contraption" and he said that everyone was talking about it. We joked that it would be great for restaurants to offer them to patrons.
Unfortunately I forgot the bib that goes with it! bleh!
One potential downside is that it sort of does require two people to operate; the first person will take the child out of the saucer and the second person will take the saucer off the chair, wipe it off, and fold it up. One person could do it if the child can stand on their own... but then you run the risk of little one running away.

We had maybe two pieces of food on the floor, which considering my child, is saying a lot!!

The NeatNik Saucer was a HUGE hit at the restaurant between Jillie, interested patrons, and probably most of all... the staff.

Wow! We CAN eat out again...

Moore Babies readers will get a SPECIAL offer!
Go here to request an invoice from our friends at Seaboard Traders of South Carolina: 

Offer Rules
  • Saucer & Bib Special : $37 + $4.50 Shipping
    • Savings of around $12.55, based on standard retail cost for :
      • Saucer ($32.75)
      • Bib ($11.75)
      • shipping ($9.55)
  • Offer Valid once 12 people accept.
    • A PayPal invoice will be e-mailed to the email address you provide in the form.
  • You may pay with either credit card or PayPal account
  • Lmited time offer, ends 2 weeks from offer post date.
  • Tax applies to South Carolina orders

Features from the Neatnik Saucer website :

Neatnik Saucer® is the modern parents' "must have" for dining out with their little one. U.S. Patent #7717504
• Fits restaurant- style high chairs
• Keeps food and toys off the floor
• For infants and toddlers 6 mo. and up
• Provides clean dining space for teethers
• Portable, collapsible, and easily cleanable
• Includes 12" x 12" carry case w/ wipes pocket
• An AblePlay™ "Great Find"

For the baby who is just learning to sit in a high chair at restaurants, the Neatnik Saucer provides a clean surface for toys and prevents them from landing on the floor and getting dirty. It also prevents babies from teething on the table or other unsanitary surfaces. For the older, more seasoned (dare we say sophisticated?) baby gourmet, it prevents the so-called 'garden of food' phenomenon - also known as the wasted mess of played-with or chewed food that often ends up surrounding a high chair. The end result is not a less-messy dining experience, but a more relaxing dining experience.


  1. Hi and thanks tons for the "Bons Mots" about our Neatnik Saucer! - we just love that you are using it at home with your Chicco chair. - The pics are super too! - Best wishes, Cookie and Danielle


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