Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our raised garden :. The first month

Last year we attempted to have  a garden in our backyard, and it started out so nice (see here). We even got our green beans to start to sprout from seeds, yay (see here)!! AND THEN we got one of our famous heavy rains, realized that ALL the water drains to that corner of our yard and the ground got so saturated that water literally oozed around my foot if I stepped into the garden; and then the sun scorched everything. Good bye garden 2014 (I stopped taking pictures so there is no evidence of this).

Hubby still really wanted a garden, and we had a "wild garden" (aka weeds) growing in this certain square of our yard, so for 2015, we are trying a raised garden bed. So after hubby built the garden bed and filled it with dirt, we put everyone to work.

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The Garden: Day 1

What is in our garden:

After 1 month:
 It's going pretty good I think!! Fingers crossed; like I've said before... I do not have a green thumb. I'm just the day-time weeder and monitor... unless I forget.

What have we learned: With our first successful (so far) garden, I'm sure there are going to be a LOT of lessons learned
- When head lettuce says it needs 10-12 inches... it really means that. The hubs takes that information as "suggestion". I think we will need to remove some of our plants otherwise we may get some rot.

Super crowded head lettuce
- It was recommended to us to put the strawberry plants in between our tomato plants; but by now the tomato plants have exploded and block out the sun from our poor strawberries... so we moved the strawberries to a separate container.

Strawberries in pot
- We are still trying to figure out if our bush (green) beans require the supports that hubby made... mother-in-law says no... hubby isn't sure.

This months yield:
- A couple of strawberries
- A WHOLE lot of basil
- Some red romaine lettuce for several nightly salads and a couple of sandwiches
- No ripe tomatoes yet, but we got quite a few starting

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