Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PSA ::. Remove washed-in sticker residue

I'm sure many of you know this fact... but I JUST RECENTLY came across this awesome tidbit of information.

I have 3 girls under 6 and wouldn't you know they love stickers. They get them everywhere - home, the grocery, the dentist, the doctor, etc and since I don't really look at each piece of clothing before it heads into the washing machine (sorry Mom, yes you taught me better than this) and into the dryer I have ended up with SEVERAL shirts with this sticky residue that does not come off no matter how much I pick at it. They were ruined... or so I thought!

Finally, (probably should have done this sooner) I went to google and searched, "How to get rid of washed on sticker residue from clothes". Wouldn't you know I came up with an actual result (here).

So for those of you who haven't done that google search yet and figured out how to remove the sticker residue... here is my PSA for the day!

1. Take sticker residued clothing
2. Spray with Goo Gone
3. Use old toothbrush to brush away residue (it comes off very easy)
4. Tada - residue is gone, but Goo Gone is on shirt
{wash and dry shirt as usual}
5. Sticker residue free shirt!

This was my dear daughters actual shirt and I did a little happy dance when it came out of the dryer sticker free!

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  1. What? I didn't even know this was possible. Great post, thank you!


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