Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We've been boo'd!

Does anyone "Boo" in your neighborhood? If not, why not start it yourself? Someone has to get the ball rolling.

If you don't know what it is, a simple google search will tell you, it's super simple and the kids love it.
 The general idea is one house decides to start the boo-ing, and they select 2 neighbors to start with. They go buy or make a treat and print out the "You've Been Booed" and "We've Been Booed" signs. Then sometime at night, they sneak over to the neighbors house they want to boo, ring the doorbell, leave the gift, and go hide! Those neighbors have 2 days to pick new neighbors to Boo and hopefully soon you will have a neighborhood full of "We've Been Booed" tags. The fun is guessing who Booed you.

I didn't take a picture of what we got (woops), but let me tell you, when the doorbell rang, and the girls opened it to find a goodie bag with halloween treats that said "You've Been Booed", they were ecstatic! Their bag had some pencils, candy, and stickers along with the "You've Been Booed" and "We've Been Booed" tags.

We put the "We've Been Booed" tag on our door so we don't get Booed again and got started on our own "Boo Bags". (The signs that our secret boo neighbor used are found here)

The next day, I ran to the dollar store and got some pencils, pumpkin bubbles, stickers, and a few other Halloween doodads and the girls help me organize them. (yes we did 3... I wanted to kick-start a new street!)

That night after bathtime while the girls were in their PJs, we snuck out did our Booing. The girls had a blast!!

I found some cute printables here. Here is another cute blog post about it too. TomKat Studio has a cute free printable as well.

Happy Booing!


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