Thursday, October 30, 2014

{Pinned there, Done that} DIY Huge Black Spider

So I pinned this Huge Black Spider from Listotic's list of  16 Awesomely Homemade Halloween Decorations list a while ago. As I was wasting time and pursuing PInterest the other day, I found it again and in looking at the supplies require I did a little happy dance, because I just so happened to have:
1. Duct tape - I mean, everyone really should, right?
2. Empty Milk Carton - Just finish yesterday, check!
3. Pipe Insulation - surprisingly yes, I had exactly 4 (long enough for 2 legs each for our 8 legged friend) leftover from when I made pirate swords for Jillie's 4th birthday.

Awesome! So, supplies on hand, I gathered the girls up to help me make our spider. However, let me tell you, (a) it was not a "family project", it was a "mommy project" and (b) it's not as "easy" as the diagram showed. It wasn't hard, just kind of tricky.

From the pictures, it looks like the spider legs are bent around the handle. So that's what I attempted, but the legs didn't want to stay secured to the edge of the milk jug (circled in the picture below). When I turned it over, I could see the whiteish underside of the duct tape.

Next time, I may cut out a few more wedges to let the "legs" bend.

Also, my legs ended up being like all straight next to each other, not nicely spider-like bent as shown in the picture. I had to manually place my legs (and get them stuck) in the spider webbing to make them separate. Again, I would have cut a few more wedges out to make the legs more bendable to my liking.

But all in all, I think this turned out super fun! The hubby raved (ok, maybe "rave" is a big strong, he talked very highly) about our new buddy, Mr. Spider.


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