Wednesday, November 6, 2013

10 months (like 3 weeks ago!)

Wow, so quite a bit has been going on so poor Lizzie didn't get her 10 month update :) Which, by the way, is more for myself so I know what to put in the baby book when I get around to it.

Ok... so month 10 was September 11 - October 10

What fun did Lizzie have during month 10?
Pizza nights
Busch Gardens
Birthday parties (sister Jillian's included)
1st Tampa Bay Rays baseball game
Friends baptism

How is Lizzie sleeping?
Same as usual, bed between 8:30 and 9, then up at 7/7:30
She has 1-2 naps a day

What is Lizzie eating?
100% formula, food pouches, ANYTHING she can get her hands on

Major milestones!

4 teeth popped through; top and bottom front 2
She's cruising on the furniture and walking with the help of her toys


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