Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Back to school traditions

... Well, at least I hope I keep these up as traditions!

Happy Back to School! Although, I'm not quite ready for Charlotte to be going 5 days a week for VPK. I enjoy our mid-week trips to Busch Gardens, Children's Museum, Aquarium... I'm not sure I can handle going when everyone else has to go, lol.
Here are a few traditions that I have started... and will hopefully keep up throughout the years.

The photo sign
Courtesy of Love Bakes Good Cakes

The questionnaire
This is horrible... I downloaded these the other day and now I can't figure out where I got them from, but they were super cute!

I will update if and when I find the source!

The Hand Tracing
Borrowed from Crissy's Crafts, although I'm not using it in the way she described (however, this post reminds me we need to read "The Kissing Hand" book more!).

I traced the girls hands and let them color them in (or I guess as they get older they can write in them... I haven't thought that far ahead... maybe I ought to get pretty scrapbook paper instead...). Anyway, then I'm going to laminate them, hole punch them, and put them on a ring and hang in their rooms. This way we can keep track of how their hand grows every year.
Side note... you also won't have to worry about those adorable clay handprints getting broken and "losing" it forever  (spoken from experience)

... and lastly the (small) teacher gift!
I like to have the girls show up to the first day of school with something small in hand. Not to suck up (per sey, lol)... but to start the year off on the right foot. This year I borrowed an M&M idea from Katherine Marie's blog. She got mason jars filled with M&M's and attached a cute little sign. ME... I can never find mason jars when I want to, so I just got the movie theatre size boxes of M&Ms and attached my little sign.

I was planning on making a cute sign in photoshop... but then my mouse battery died and I was too lazy to go replace it. SOoooo... there you go.


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