Saturday, August 17, 2013

8 months!

What fun did Lizzie have during month 8?
Hosted a pool party
Hosted a "Welcome back"/housewarming Luau
Went to the aquarium
Went to a Children's Museum
AND went on a 10 day, 2,591 mile road trip up to see my 96 year old Grandma, step-Grandma...

and swinging by my brother's house and crashing a Choo-choo train birthday party. (ok we didn't REALLY crash, we were invited to stay)

While on our trip we also visited this INCREDIBLE playground called Smother's park up in Owensboro, KY. That picture doesn't even do it justice! It. Was. HUGE. Each blue roof thing was it's own slide/playground/climbing thing.

How is Lizzie sleeping?
Bed around 9 (or later if I accidentally let her take too long of a nap), up around 6:45 to eat, then back to sleep for an hour until breakfast with the family

2... ish naps a day

What is Lizzie eating?
Mainly mommy milk, but some formula when I run out of my stock and we have a date or some fun kidless event

Is EXTREMELY curious as to what we are eating;  I made angel food cake the other day and we we were all sitting around on the couch eating it she was crawling from one person to the next with her eyes intently on the cake and trying to get some.

Loves avocado, apple sauce, bananas, most fruit.
Homemade veggie puree
I haven't had egg again... maybe I should fix that.
Actually enjoys the spaghetti with meat sauce baby food.
LOVES the pouches, and I love how easy they are

What "skills" has Lizzie mastered (or working on)?
All. Over. The. Place!

So Lizzie started to "worm" her way forward on July 4th (a week before she hit 8 months) - well by the time her 8 month-iversary came around, she was full-fledged crawling.
NOW she is pulling up on EVERYTHING and trying to get into every single drawer we have.
Our upstairs play area is a lowered area (down 2 steps), and I'm not sure that's going to hold her very long.

Plans for month 9 include...
More mommy/Lizzie time with sissy's going to school

Back to school pool playdate
Visit with Gigi and Pop pop in Georgia (while mommy and daddy go to Clemson FOOTBALL!)
Hopefully a Busch Gardens, Kids museum, aquarium trip
More pool and playground time

Happy 8 months Lizzie!


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