Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh boy.. 7 months old, already?!

What fun did Lizzie have during month 7?
Road trip up to Georgia
First boat trip - ok so maybe she doesn't look like she's having fun...
First beach trip (yummy sand)

Busch Gardens
Glazer Children's Museum

How is Lizzie sleeping?
Bed between 8 and 9, up around 6 to eat, then back to sleep for a few hours

What is Lizzie eating?
Mommy milk and some formula (to stock up breastmilk for a mommy/daddy weekend away)
Loves avocado, apple sauce, bananas, most fruit.
Homemade vegie puree
Tried egg for the first time and thought it was ok
Not so much a fan of the stage 2 mac n cheese or anything (not that I blame her)
LOVES the pouches, and I love how easy they are

What "skills" has Lizzie mastered (or working on)?
Sitting all by herself and catching herself when she starts to fall
Moving forward! She does "the worm" right now. Gets up on her arms and knees, then flops forward, repeat.
Pretty good at "downward facing dog" and "planks"
Started saying "da da da da da"

Plans for month 8 include...
Host a Luau party
Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois road trip
Beach hopefully
Lots of pool!

Happy 7 months Lizzie!

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