Monday, July 15, 2013

{Bike Birthday Party} Party Activities & take-home Favors

Since we had moved into the house a week prior to Charlotte's 4th birthday, it was DEFINITELY not going to be at our house (either one). So a park party was planned. It was bike themed because this was when Charlotte got her very own "big girl" bike!

Being a bike party, I selected a park with a nearby basketball court for the biking part; and everyone brought their bike, trike, etc. What I did not "select" was the darn weather... it was oh-so-chilly; but to be honest I'm sure the adults felts it more so than the kids.

I had the favor bags set up when the kids arrived, since it was both the party activity AND the take-home.

Here is the birthday girl on her brand new bike!

And here is the birthday girl riding her birthday bike, with a balloon attached to the back (just like in Angelina's Birthday book)

Here we have some mommy's helping to decorate the bikes with crepe paper.

Every attendee got a baggie of bike spoke beads in their goodie bag too (yes, this was the only picture I got of the spoke beads... see she's holding her spoke bead baggie within the red heart)...

And EVERYONE loved their homemade bike tassels, shown on Jillie's handle-bars. I made these using ribbon, pipe cleaners, and some electric tape...

More bike decorating...

Lastly, at Walmart I found these license plates for $1 complete with stickers so everyone could put their own name on it. How cute, huh? To make the letters stay on better, I used wide clear tape on top so the stickers wouldn't come off.

Along with the bike tassels, spoke beads, and license plates, the kids got some suckers, twizzlers, AND their very own "Charlotte's birthday bottle of water"...


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