Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Pinned there, Done That} Corndog Bites

I completed another pin, these Corn dog Bites from The Trendy Treehouse.

In fact, the second I saw this pin, I ran to my pantry because I in fact HAD corn muffin mix (score!!). So I get my mini hot dogs out, get the girls ALL excited for a fun new snack and then I realize the corn muffin mix expired liked... 4 months ago. How bad can that be, right? So I continue.... until I realize I am out of eggs and NONE of my neighbors are home. BAH!

Unfortunately, this fun snack had to wait until the next day.

So, the NEXT DAY... using my bake pop pan, I filled each cavity with some corn muffin mix and placed a mini hot dog cut in half in each.

After they came out, I realize that I should have pushed the hot dogs down more, and added maybe another half to each.

 But when you turn them over... they look perfect, right?! Sweet.

The girls loved their fun snack.

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