Tuesday, April 5, 2016

7 months

What fun did Wyatt have during month 7?
Celebrated Charlotte's 7th birthday party with a soccer themed party at the park
Junior League meeting
Going everywhere for his big sisters - soccer practice, speech therapy, bell chime choir, Kumon Tutoring
Home Depot kids workshop
Spring Break
  - Uncle and Cousin visited
  - Spray Ground
  - Park
  - Beach
  - Legoland
  - Gaylord Opryland Hotel
Celebrated Easter with church and a few Easter Egg hunts

How is Wyatt sleeping?
2-3 naps during the day, not really on a schedule sad to say
Goes to bed around 9pm and wakes between 6-7am, eats and then snoozes some more

What is Wyatt eating?
Any and all stage 2 baby food.
HATES mashed bananas and avocados, and homemade peas -- I think it's a texture thing
Mixture of breast milk and formula

Major (and minor) milestones!
Sitting completely on his own
Beginning to rock back when he's on his hands and knees
Can army crawl clear across the room
Started a sippy cup
Loves looking at himself in the mirror

Plans for month 8?
More of the same - girls activities
Bible study
Maybe the splash park


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