Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Little Man is 1 month old!

What activities did Wyatt do during his 1st month?
Lots and LOTS of walks to drop off and pick up his biggest sister from school.
Open house at sissy's school
Went to church -- and stayed quiet I might add 
Went to a birthday party
Drove to Orlando and stayed in a condo with his Aunt, Uncles, and Cousins.
Went to the park a few times
Went to Chuckie Cheese
"Hung out" at the mall a few times
Celebrated big sissy's 5th birthday party at the park
Went out to dinner
Had his first baby lunch date at Panera
Accompanied mom on a girls night

How is Wyatt sleeping?
Just at the end of the month we are at 2 wake ups a night. He'll go to bed anywhere between 9:30 and 10:30. when he's out, he is out! No matter what pestering I do, he will not wake up to eat one more time.

After that I get 5-6 hours, on a good night, then another 3 hour stretch! I'm not displeased.

What "skills" has Wyatt mastered?
um... sleeping, eating, and pooping. That about sums it up!

Any milestones? 
He did move to a crib in his own room around 2 weeks
Had his first bath... and he LOVED it! I think the girls all cried during their first bath, this kid cried when I took him OUT of his bath. He was SO content!

Plans for month 2 include...
Bible study with mom
More birthday parties
Celebrating Mimi's birthday
Maybe Busch Gardens!


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