Thursday, September 18, 2014

Girly Pirate Party ::. Food

I'm not gonna lie; I had fun with the food! I pinned so many things that I had a hard time holding myself back. Luckily, it was all pretty simple to do. The cookies I made several weeks in advance and froze.  Same thing with the cupcake toppers. The cupcakes, jello, and the cake were the only "last minute" things.

1. Gold Nuggets - rolos
2. Cupcakes - I like the cupcake toppers so I made cupcakes too
3. Pirate Ships - blue jello in clear cups with an orange wedge, topped with a "sail"
4. Fudgy Gold Doubloons- using my go-to button cookie recipe with yellow sprinkles

5. Grape Chili Cannon Balls - Grape Chili meatballs
6. Fish n' Chips - goldfish and chips
7.Corndog Peg Legs - mini corndog bites
8. Pieces of Eight - orange jello knox blox

9 . walk the pretzel plank - pretzel sticks
10. Cheesy Cannon Balls - cheese balls
11. Skully want a crack ... with cheese - cheese ball rolled in nuts
12. The signs showed guests where drinks were too

CAKE - A Treasure Chest

While the cake may look SUPER hard and intricate... it's not. (shoot, the secret is out of the bag!). The cake is really just a square, two layer cake, iced with chocolate icing, and decorated using a round tip and a wilton decorating bag. The treasure chest top is not edible. My mom made that with some craft foam sheets, ribbon, and a skull and crossbone print out.

And here is the entire spread.

Happy Birthday, Jillie!

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