Thursday, June 14, 2012

What we do with {THIS ONE}?

Now Charlotte, the 3 year old, is SUPER excited about the new baby and the main reason is because she will get to sit in the back row of the car.

We have a Honda Odyssey that we bought brand new, but off the lot, so it was without a lot of perks (like TVs, compass... yes...  I have no directional finder on my car, thermometer... again ugh, etc) including a lack of center middle row seat, but it had leather and it was the right price! Plus, I like that people can easily get to the last row of seats especially now that we have 2 car seats.

The other weekend we carpooled with a friend to a birthday party that we knew was going to have some parking issues and her little friend, Andrew, sat in the 3rd row. Well, Charlotte thought that was the Coolest. Thing. Ever! AND ever since I told her that there was a new baby was coming and she was going to be a big girl and sit in the back seat, she's been ecstatic and brings it up at all times!

Let's jump ahead to the other day on the way to Disney...
The girls and I were in the bathroom at a gas station and Charlotte just starts babbling... here is the conversation that follows:

C: There's a baby coming.
Me: Yes, Charlotte
C: Then (all proud) I get to sit in the back, in a BIG girl seat and.. and..
Me: Yes Charlotte, you will sit in the back row...
C: ... where Andrew sat! And we will get a baby seat in the car, and I get a BIG seat...
Me: Yes...
C: ... that's so fun. (long pause) So there be two babies...
Me: Oh no hunny, there's just one baby (pointing to my stomach).
C: Just one? (offhandedly pointing to her sister) What we do with THIS one?
Of course I start cracking up at the Charlotte asking me if we are getting rid of Jillian. Her beloved best friend, only sister in the world, and buddy.
Me: Oh no, hunny.... we are not getting rid of sissy.
C: Sissy... baby?
Me: Well sissy will be a bigger girl then, she won't be a baby anymore. So it'll be you, sissy, and the baby.
C:.... oh.... ok

At least she is kind of concerned with the thought of mommy getting rid of her sister.

Kids say the cutest things sometimes!

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  1. What a cute conversation! Hope you're feeling great!


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