Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fast flats saved me in Vegas...

Ok, so not really... but these things are awesome!

My husband and took our first trip to Vegas this past week and while I was packing my dress shoes I thought to myself, it's Vegas... go big or go home, right? So , did I pack my low reasonable black heals? No... I packed my super high heels that aren't super comfortable.

Jump ahead to our second night there: This is our dress up night, so I put my little dress on and my shoes. They feel pretty comfortable, for about an hour. Before going to vegas I didn't realize how much you WALKED! It's a strip, I thought, so it shouldn't be too bad. Ugh! That night I got home to blisters across the straps and sore sore feet (which thankfully my husband rubbed for me). See I was GOING to bring my flip-flops in my purse, but I had to chose between my camera and the flip-flops... and we know which one I chose.

So the next day, we are passing a Walgreens and instantly the fast flats commercial popped into my head so I run in and find these things for $15. They're pretty cheap, but hey... the point of them is only to have some semblance of cover for your feet so you aren't walking around barefoot (which, by the way, we saw some girl doing the night before. Down the sidewalk in vegas. Gross)

That night we go out in Jeans, so no more strappy sandals, but I AM wearing my high healed boots, so I slip these fast flats into my purse (yes they do fit with my camera) and off we go. 6 hours later we are 3 casinos away and about to begin out walk home when I stop my husband, take my boots off, and slip these fast flats on.

The walk home was amazing!

I highly highly recomend these.

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