Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Little Tiger

Charlotte's First Clemson football season has started off with a bang!!

Clemson vs Middle Tennessee
On labor day we drove up to GA to spend some time at my parents house on the lake. Then on Friday, Eric and I headed over to Clemson for the first friday parade and to go out downtown Clemson. Charlotte stayed with mom and dad in Georgia.
Saturday mom and dad drove to Clemson with Charlotte for the tailgate and to hang out for a few hours. Charlotte met Annabel, a fellow baby tiger, and the rest of the gang. I was hoping she would take a nap, but no... she was wide awake the ENTIRE time!

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech
For Charlotte's second Clemson game we were with the Clemson Alumni Club over at Bostons Gourmet Pizza place. She was great! She stayed awake until the 3rd quarter - it was so loud in there I don't see how she fell asleep, but it WAS late.

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